Repair your damage on interior walls and ceilings

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Repair your damage on interior walls and ceilings

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Repair your damage on interior walls and ceilings

At All State Drywall and Painting we are a completely committed and helpful source when interior wall repair is needed. When we talk about damage to interior walls we refer to those damages that are practiced on the surface and cause the release of all or part of the material used in the coating, thus resulting in the a hole or gap, which in some cases reaches be of considerable depth.


We understand that such damages really don’t require much effort since, for example, it could be the mere fact of removing a tape stuck on the wall or a block that previously held a picture or curtain rod, and can easily be fixed. We advise for the use of professional assistant due that this could cause damage to the wall and need interior wall repair. However, this should not worry you too much, because with the same ease as the damage is caused, it can be restored!


For these sort of interior wall repair and enhancements we recommend and use materials such as plaster. It is the material used in walls and ceilings inside and for interior wall repair. It is a mineral (calcium sulfate) extracted from rocks as alabaster or anhydrite that to be made into powder passing through a manufacturing process. This process involves grinding the mineral and heat in ovens at high temperatures until finally loses thus obtaining water containing dust know today. Actually the plaster has been in use for centuries and its preparation has always been as simple as thanks to its absorption capacity can be easily mixed with water to form a paste ready to use rapid setting. The main advantages of the use of drywall and plaster for interior wall repair are, on the one hand, high filling capacity can be used on any thickness and, secondly, its quick setting starting from 15 minutes.


For interior wall repair fillers can also be used. They are usually water based pastes together with painters, they are the products most commonly used in repairing walls and ceilings. The difference in respect to these painters is basically no plaster on its composition and presented in as paste ready to use. In these types of mixtures no much variety as in the painters but there is enough variety to cover the most common damage.


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